The quality of sustainable production


Agroter uses traditional methods of sustainable agriculture in an environmentally friendly manner in order to maintain the essence of the fruit and vegetables in our production.

Implementing traceability systems compatible with the use of natural resources, recycling techniques and the reduction of inorganic waste throughout the agricultural value chain.

Investment in infrastructures and new technologies have enabled us to improve our environmental impact and further the company’s commitment to new R&D+i formulas.

Passion, experience and tradition.

Control over the entire agricultural cycle

Guaranteeing the control of the entire cultivation processes of our partners, supervising the quality and characteristics of the farm fields.

Applying organic matter to improve the fertility of the land, in addition to the responsible use of fertiliser products.

Seeds are carefully selected by our technicians prior to sowing each crop.

Our partners optimise the irrigation systems for the use of water on each farm, analysing the exact consumption required by the crops for the best growth.

Thanks to the characteristics of our environment, we can harvest the fruit and vegetables when these have achieved perfect growth, obtaining the best possible harvests.

Quality certificates

  • GlobalGap
    Establishes voluntary standards through which agricultural products can be certified in all parts of the world, guaranteeing that the product meets established levels of quality, safety and sustainability.
  • Bristish Retail Consortium (BRC)
    It is one of the most widely used models internationally for distributors and department stores to qualify their suppliers. Their goal is to ensure that suppliers meet their food safety requirements.

Food safety

Our fruit and vegetable production and handling facilities have the highest standards of food safety available. The warehouses are equipped with all the necessary technological tools and machinery for the handling, care and packaging of the products.

Thanks to this process, our harvests continue to grow and we are able to market a wider range of optimum products for dispatch to our clients.

At Agroter we are experts in the production, marketing and export of fruits and vegetables. Contact us.

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