Passion for the land across generations

 Agroter was founded in 1982 as an Agricultural Processing Company with the objective of combining and fostering the production growth of over 71 farmer members in the fruit and vegetable market.

This initiative has resulted in the building of business relationships with clients and suppliers in Spain and exports to international countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Nordic countries and Eastern countries, meeting the requirements of the world’s most demanding markets.

Passion, experience and tradition.

All the flavour of Europe’s market garden


The demand for higher quality fresh food 365 days a year entails the need for fruit and vegetables with better nutritional properties, sizes, presentations and including textures.

Our products are produced in a rich and traditional land which guarantees not only more competitive prices, but likewise the certainty of a completely certified food safety.

Growth and development

Agroter’s partnership model has afforded its partners a sustainable and competitive growth in order to expand their crop productions in over 1,100 hectares of land. Our objective is to further professional opportunities, profitability and well-being of the farmers to ensure an optimum fruit and vegetable quality for our clients.

Tradition, agriculture and future

One cannot look to the future without remembering the effort and commitment of various generations of farmers and producers who have germinated Agroter’s history. </ p > The trust placed in us by our partners over four decades has spawn work which today includes over 200 workers who know perfectly well what it is to cultivate the land with their hands and the agricultural practices prior to when technology made the cultivation process easier.

The corporate identity of our company sustains the commitment and effort of the physical talent and skills which has successfully succeeded to take Agroter to new fruit and vegetable sector scenarios.

At Agroter we are experts in the production, marketing and export of fruits and vegetables. Contact us.

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