Tending to the land, farming for the future, since 1982

A farmers’ association for people


Agroter is an Agricultural Processing Company which caters to the needs of the association of over 71 farmers in the south-eastern Spain. The place of origin of our products is south-eastern Europe, one of the lands with the greatest tradition and passion for fruit and vegetable farming.

The well-being and commitment of our partners over time, enables us to cater to large crop yields 365 days a year. Our objective is to obtain a balance between the rural world and the sustainable development of the environment.

Passion, experience and tradition.

Our products

At Agroter we are production and export specialists of a wide variety of products. Controlling the entire agricultural process from the cultivation of our fields to marketing in order to cater to the supply needs of our national and international clients.


Bio Broccoli



Iceberg Lettuce

Little Gem


Butternut Squash


Our production figures

56,000 tonnes
of production

30,000 m2
warehouses and offices

1,100 Ha
own crops

€ 26 Mill
Million turnover

Guarantee of quality

 Producing vegetables with commitment, enthusiasm and effort. As a result, we can guarantee quality products throughout packing, harvesting and distribution. Innovation in cutting-edge technology and tradition in our processes result in products which retain their character and natural properties for generations.

Towards a sustainable agricultural model

The expansion of our production and the business model of our farmers’ association enables us to foster sustainable production in which respect for the environment and natural resources is maintained.

Investment in more efficient technologies together with the implementation of innovative measures in product traceability result in increased opportunities to supply a greater number of fruit and vegetables to other countries.

At Agroter we are experts in the production, marketing and export of fruits and vegetables. Contact us.

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