Description: Consumer preferences are constantly changing, which is why there are available different watermelon specialities to meet all needs.

Distinguished among our products are three varieties, the striped seedless watermelon, the black seedless watermelon and the outstanding premium watermelons, three different styles which share the same summer flavour.

Characteristics: Our striped seedless watermelon is a crisp, firm, exceptional and long-lasting variety.

Another of our protagonists, the black seedless watermelon, offers an optimal point of maturity while retaining great sweetness. It is a juicy fruit perfect for all audiences.

If we talk about quality, the premium watermelon is ours selection for the most demanding and has become the favorite fruit of millions of people. With an intense red meat, a crunchy flavor and its high sugar content, it presents a special sweetness.

Variety: Striped seedless watermelon, black seedless watermelon and premium watermelon

Crop ha: 300 ha

Tons: 32,000 tn

Production schedule: June – September

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